AudioUnity is a music production school dedicated to providing the best electronic music production instruction and music technology education in the Washington metropolitan area.   Matt, the founder of AudioUnity teaches classes in Ableton Live to teenagers and adults and makes music producers out of people with no prior musical experience.  Matt collaborates with various partnering agencies in order to reach a wide variety of clients.  To find out about locations of classes currently being offered,  please view the education page or contact Matt directly at

Students located outside of AudioUnity's operating radius may register for online Ableton Live education.

Matt provides his own mobile music production classroom consisting of five MacBook Pro laptops fully loaded with cutting-edge music production software, USB/MIDI piano keyboard controllers, a microphone, an audio interface, iPads, studio monitors, headphones, and other AudioUnity integrates a proprietary music production App into their electronic music production school offered in Frederick, Maryland and upper Montgomery County, Maryland.essential equipment for making AudioUnity the best electronic music production school in the Washington metropolitan area.  Matt integrates AudioUnity's iPad app, LightSignature into his instruction.  LightSignature is a mobile music theory training device that gives new musicians a fast track to successful music making. 

Students are given the ability to learn any genre of electronic music production that they wish to learn, including but not limited to Hip-Hop, House, Trap, Electro, Dubstep, Deep House, Techno, Tech House, Trance, Progressive, and Rock.  At the end of each course, students are provided with a complimentary USB flash drive to save and take home all of their work.

Matt earned his Master of Arts degree in Audio Technology from The American University, has over six years of experience producing electronic music, and over 120 hours of teaching experience. AudioUnity has a 15-track album available on iTunes and Matt encourages his students to listen to the album and pinpoint techniques that they wish to learn so Matt can tailor his instruction to the preferences of his students.  No matter your level of musical experience, AudioUnity will enable you to Become a Musician!

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