Electronic Music Production School - Instruction in Ableton Live

AudioUnity is a highly in-demand electronic music production school, offering classroom instruction, individual lessons, and online training in Ableton Live.  Classroom programs are offered in the Washington Metropolitan Area including locations such as Frederick County, Maryland and upper Montgomery County, Maryland.  Throughout the duration of one course, students can expect to engage in the following topics;

Ableton interface basics, working with MIDI drums and instruments, working with audio samples, use of professional synthesizer plug-ins, basic mixing practices, automation, effects, advanced mixing practices, and many other techniques in Ableton Live.  Basic music theory is taught through the use of AudioUnity's proprietary iPad App, LightSignature. Students are given the opportunity to use this app to strengthen their productions, which makes AudioUnity the most unique electronic music production school around.

AudioUnity offers programs through various partnering agencies in Frederick County and Montgomery County, Maryland.  Most programs last 16 weeks with one 2-hour session per week, and often include a Showcase session at the end of the program where family and friends are invited to come in and listen to the students' amazing musical works!  Program locations and durations may vary between partnering agencies, however, each program utilizes the same carefully-crafted curriculum for optimal student success.

AudioUnity provides a mobile music production classroom so there are no equipment costs for students.  Each student uses a MacBook Pro fully loaded with Ableton Live and other cutting-edge music production software, and a USB/MIDI piano keyboard controller. Students also have access to various other music technology equipment.

By enrolling in AudioUnity's Electronic Music Production classes, students are given the option to purchase computer software used in the classes at discounted prices.  Upon completion of the program, students have the ability to send a support ticket to admin@audiounity.com with any basic troubleshooting questions about topics learned in the class.  Students who wish to continue to pursue their education or have more complex questions may schedule individual lessons or online training.

Individual Lessons and Online Training

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