Music theory training right at your fingertips

Full MIDI capabilities

For musicians of all skill levels

LightSignature Music Production Software

LightSignature is a software instrument designed to help everyone from beginner musicians to advanced music producers in creating brilliant musical works. Unleash your creativity with this easy to use tool that provides you with a fast track to successful music making. Improvise, solo, collaborate, even launch your music career! The possibilities are endless. No matter your current skill level, LightSignature will allow you to Become a Musician!

LightSignature was developed under the philosophy that everyone should have a chance to become a musician.  Music theory is a subject that can take many years to master, and those who are visual learners don't always enjoy the memorization process involved with being able to play original music on the piano.  Even many advanced pianists only learn to replicate prior musical works and never learn to create music of their own. With the LightSignature iOS software, the music theory is placed at your fingertips and no memorization is required, setting you up for successful music making!  

Want to learn how to produce electronic music with LightSignature? AudioUnity incorporates the app into electronic music production education.  Simply check the education page for the schedule of upcoming classes and register for a class near you!

For any software product support questions, please use the contact form below to send an e-mail to AudioUnity.  We can provide you with all the information that you need in order to get up and running because we believe that LightSignature is an app for everyone to learn to make original music.

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